Mindful Pleasure

Who We Are

Hello fellow porn fans.

We’re a couple in our 40s who is committed to the ongoing exploration of intensely pleasurable sex. We are turned on by attractive people experiencing beautiful sex, and we wanted to add to the collection of great porn in the world. We are regular, educated professionals, but sex is never far from our minds. A quick fuck in the kitchen, a blowjob in the car, or a marathon fuck in the bedroom are all favourites. She is a natural beauty with an extraordinary capacity for pleasure: dozens of rolling orgasms every few seconds during fucking, or large, wet ones while riding face. He, naturally dominant, wants to give her as much pleasure as she can have, curating a rich set of orgasms before he cums himself. She takes pleasure in seeing him cum - or even better, unloading in her.

For us, sex is best when a mix of filthy, athletic, unapologetic, and messy. We hope to arouse and engage likeminded people in one of life’s most perfect pleasures.

We hope you like what you see. We’d love to keep making films for you. Likes and views will keep videos coming… :)